Friday, February 18, 2011


A little about me:

 I've been interested in family history since I was a little kid. I always wanted to hear family stories, names, dates, birth places... I knew from an early age the events in my family's past effect my future and the choices they made 100 years ago influenced my life today. 

 Now that I'm all grown up, I'm taking my family research to a whole new level. It started with an tree, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. I began collecting names, dates and places, but I'm not satisfied with that. I want details - I want to know my ancestor's occupations, causes of death, and about their lives in general. I've been doing this in earnest for the past few years, however, it just now hit me that I can use connecting with others on social networks (Twitter and blogging) to improve my chances of fleshing out my family's stories.

On the surface and on paper, my family looks pretty normal. Maybe they were, I'm still not sure. Right now I'm trying to work out some dead ends - for example, my 2nd-great grandmother is an entire mystery. She was married several times and I hate to jump to conclusions, but I'm pretty sure she was a bigamist (that's a whole new post!), and I can't even find where my 2nd-great grandfather (her 2nd husband that we've found) died or where he was buried, just that he passed away between 1910 and 1916, presumably (yet a whole new post.)

I've been asked how far will I have to search before I consider the tree "complete". The answer is I have no idea. I have several branches of my family to discover - my mother's side with a common last name will be a challenge in itself, even though right now I'm currently heavily involved in researching my father's side.

What this blog will accomplish: I want to connect with others like myself who are figuring out their family's histories, one record at a time. Please follow. Leave comments. Follow me on Twitter (@morethannames).

Help me find my family.


  1. Thanks for the Twitter follow! Nice to find someone else still in their blogging infancy :-)Good luck!

  2. Welcome! I look forward to reading about your research :)

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging. You will find many wonderful blogs but better yet, bloggers who are willing to help if you need help with some of your genealogy. We come from all ethnic backgrounds.



  4. Welcome to genealogy blogging! Looking forward to reading more!

  5. Welcome to the world of genealogy and blogging, looking forward to hearing your family stories, sounds like you've caught the bug. Enjoy.

  6. Welcome to genealogy blogging! I look forward to reading about your research and your family stories!

  7. You are so lucky and so wise to start a lifelong passion at a young age. I look forward to reading about what you find!

  8. Very exciting to be just starting a genealogy blog. I promise you have many satisfying days ahead! A number of cousins have found me from my blog already and it has only been seven months for me. It is a great way to summarize what you know (and don't know) and connect with other researchers and cousins. Have fun!

  9. Speaking of finding new cousins, take a look at the comments from today on my blog post from Oct:
    So much fun!