Monday, April 25, 2011

I Should Be Sleeping

In the past week the following things have happened:

  • I had a routine hospitalization (standard, I'm used to it). I got out for Easter.
  • A tornado hit the Saint Louis airport, stranding my fiance with me until Thursday (not complaining!)
  • While being forced to sit on my butt, I've discovered the shows Addicted to Food and Relapse.
  • I've seen movies - lots of them. Today we did a double header of The Conspirator and the new Madea movie. I loved them both.
  • I spent three hours trying to make heads or tails of Flora, and figured out something interesting...
I should be asleep right now. It's almost midnight. But I just found something about Flora and I have to type it out.

On I found a census, listing Zelpha Mangrum (her daughter) at age 13 in 1910 living with Ive Mangrum and his wife, Blanche (I love that name) in New Orleans. I didn't find it before because of the way they spelled their last name - Mangrich - but it's definitely them. Now I have questions.

Why was Zelpha living with her half brother (her dad's son) and his wife so far from home at such a young age? Why did they come back to the Missouri area? Ive was killed in a terrible accident in 1919 in New Madrid (he got beheaded by a cart, I won't go into details, but my strong stomach almost couldn't take the description I found).

I hear that Flora wasn't the best mother and threw all of her children out when they were quite young - I just didn't realize it could have been THAT young.

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