Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Mystery Headstone

So when I went searching for my maternal grandparents' graves over the weekend, I encountered something I've known before - but still have no answer for. It's The Mystery Headstone.

My great grandmother, Stella Mae Belt Rodgers, has a normal headstone.

The "At Rest" part is appropriate, since she was a sick woman for most of her adult life and finally died of a ruptured gallbladder in 1941.

Then, there's this:

That's her. It's down the row from her original headstone.

My question is why would it be there? Who did it? It can't be that old. I'm confused.

Does anyone have any answers?

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  1. You said the small one was down the row. Was it part of a set of family headstones? Meaning, one large headstone with the family name and several smaller ones with the individual's name? It could also be that she purchased and placed a headstone well before she died and then after she passed her family opted to buy a larger one. Have you looked at the cemetery records? That might clarify something. Just some thoughts!