Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure

I have an iPhone. I love it because it works internationally, has wifi, internet / email /Facebook / Twitter capability, etc. When people call me I can see their pictures (synced with Facebook thanks to the amazingly simple FriendSync app), I have wonderful customized ringtones (people from work have one ringtone, my mom's side of the family has one, my dad's side of the family has one, my fiance's relatives all have their own specialized tone - it's my backup caller ID), it's absolutely perfect. And I have a wonderful protective cover on it because I tend to kill electronic devices.

Now that I sound like a walking commercial for iPhone, let me tell you my new guilty pleasure on it - podcasts. Specifically genealogy ones. I never realized how many free podcasts are out there about tracing your family. I love the Genealogy Gems, Family History and the Genealogy Guys. I'm learning, I'm laughing, and I'm hoping someday to make a podcast of my own. Nothing fancy, but I do have a bit of a radio background, so I think I may be able to pull it off.

Got any special podcasts I should listen to?


  1. I just got my iPhone and I'm glad to hear about Podcasts. Something new for me. I'm loving the free Ancestry app, and having Facebook and my blog right on the phone, too. I'm still figuring things out- it took me three weeks to get my email on the darn thing!

  2. I am so jealous of you both - I WANT and iPhone! Soon...but not soon enough.

    Anyway, podcasts - if you have any Scottish ancestors, BBC Scotland has a great series called "Digging up Your Roots" that is also available as a podcast. I love listening to it when I walk at work. Here's a link: